As a collector of both classic and sports cars, I would have to say that driving a Land Rover is probably my favourite thing to do. It’s not only practical but it is also an everyday car one that won’t attract too much attention but one that emphasizes style and comfort. What is it like to own a range Rover though? This blog aims to find out.

Should you get Land Rover Finance?

One of the first things that everybody thinks about when buying a new car is just a much is it going to cost? This is a completely valid question, and the reason that I recommend Land Rover Finance to anyone that asks me how they are going to finance their new Range Rover sport for example. Now there are many advantages to buying a car using cash, One of them being that he don’t have to worry about the finance any more, you can simply pay once and Forget about the Sports car for the rest of the time.

Land rover finance

Land Rover Financing does allow you to spend your money elsewhere, what is it actually like though to drive one of these cars? The right experience in a Land Rover is like no other, not only do they boast impressive engine performance stats but they also offer incredible handling due to the large tire thickness and intelligent suspension controls. Range Rovers, depending on the model that you actually buy can also be increased in specifications, for several thousand more you can have extra horsepower in some of the sports car models that really does make a huge difference to your trading experience.

Why did I use Land Rover Finance?

When I bought my very own model, I did indeed opt to use Land Rover finance. Although I had the money to pay for it upfront, I decided to disturb my payments which allowed me to go before a higher model on car than I perhaps otherwise would have. I will say though that the extra features that I respect in such as increased performance and rear-seat television sets, really does give the entire car luxury feel that I perhaps wouldn’t have got otherwise.

When Land Rover the First released these contemporary cars, they took the marketplace storm. Up until their release their parent company Land Rover had been primarily focused on producing reliable off-road vehicles, the uses of which had slowly crept into inner city use. The Land Rover was the natural evolution of this process and still remains one of the most popular sport cars on the road.

Choosing between a Range Rover sport and a BMW M3 Finance

Prior to buying my Range Rover sport I was faced with a dilemma. I had the difficult task of choosing between my beloved Range Rover or whether to get BMW M3 Finance. This was a particularly difficult choice in me because BMW has always been car manufacturer but I have looked up to, who have consistently produced cars that I have aspired to own. The BMW M3 had always been on my radar, boasting a 0 to 60mph speed of under 4 seconds, it competes with the very fastest of supercars on the road. In fact, it holds it’s own against even a Ferrari, which was another temptation, should I get Ferrari finance or stick to my original plan?

bmw m3 finance

In the end there were in number of factors that played a part in my ultimate choice. It was important to me to be able to get a car that I could use only daily basis, one that wouldn’t stick out too much if I left it in a carpark and attended but still had in a style that I would be noticed perhaps on the road. Another important aspect me was the actual financing of the car, although neither model of car would break the bank I felt I was getting more for my money with the Range Rover sport.

The BMW M3 is still an incredible car

Make no mistake, the BMW M3 is an incredible car but from my purposes getting a Range Rover was the best choice. A vehicle that I chose also had a great deal of luxuries on The inside, Land Rover really do allow you to add a great deal of optional extras which I felt may have been lacking with the BMW, they also had a greater range of finance options to, which made my payment structure a little more convenient.